Jerry Smith, standing, is no longer the park director in Abbeville.

Jerry Smith is not getting his job back as Abbeville’s Park and Recreation Director. The Abbeville City Council voted 3-2 again not to make Smith the permanent parks and recreation director.

Judge Durwood Conque

Fifteenth Judicial District Court Judge Durwood W. Conque is announcing that he will not seek re-election this fall, and will retire in December of 2014. Elected in 1987, Judge Conque has served the Parishes of Acadia, Lafayette and Vermilion for the past 27 years.
According to Mayor Kirk Champagne, The Entergy lines that feed Kaplan, Erath and Delcambre are down. No word on how long electricity will be out. The Police Department is being flooded with calls in reference to the electricity. Please hold all calls unless for an emergency. Thank you for your understanding.

Jerry Smith, standing, is no longer the park director in Abbeville.

Judge Durwood Conque

Most famous ‘Pony’ in Abbeville up for auction

For 30 years, children rode Pony, that was located at Frank’s on Charity Street in Abbeville. It cost a dime to ride. In 1996, someone stole the entire dime box (pictured by Pony’s head), halting the ride

It is probably the most famous derby pony from Abbeville despite never winning a Kentucky Derby, Belmont or even a race behind Clement’s.

North Vermilion’s Nguyen is Kiwanis Student of the Month

The Abbeville Kiwanis Club named North Vermilion senior Linh Nguyen (third from left) as its Student of the Month. Nguyen is joined (L-R) by Kiwanis member Carla Frederick, Kiwanis President Anita Chaisson and North Vermilion Principal Joan Romero. Nguyen spoke Tuesday to the Kiwanis members during their weekly meeting in

In all that North Vermilion High School’s Linh Nguyen does, her focus remains clear.

Some people upset with Vermilion Parish police jury’s animal shelter

These dogs were euthanized last week before the person who was going to adopt them arrived a few hours late.

There are expected to be a lot of people Wednesday at the Vermilion Parish Police Jury Committee meeting in hopes of getting things changed at the Vermilion Parish Rabies Control Center.

Turning 104

Adles Perry is all smiles after he turned 104 years old on Monday.

Adles Perry, a life-long Vermilion Parish native, was born in 1910.



Donald Comeaux got his seventh victory of the season against Notre Dame on Monday.

The North Vermilion Patriots baseball team has done a lot of winning this year, and have not trailed much this season.


Actress Jane Powell

Actress Jane Powell celebrated her 85th birthday on April 1. Best remembered for two popular MGM musicals in the ‘50s, Ms.

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