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Bryan Golden

Success or Failure is a State of Mind

What makes the difference between someone who is successful and a person who is not? Is it money, education, knowledge, intelligence, or skills? No, it’s something else. There are numerous examples of people becoming successful who had no money, little education, minimal knowledge, average intelligence, and few skills.
The difference between success and failure is mindset. Successful people have a different attitude than those who fail. This means that with the proper state of mind, anyone can follow the road to success.

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Jim Bradshaw

The telegraph and climate change

We’ve blamed unseasonable weather on all sorts of things over the years. When I was growing up in the Cold War years of the 1950s there was a persistent rumor that the Soviets were manipulating the weather. Before and since then we’ve pointed fingers at all sorts of other things, sometimes with science to back the claim, sometimes not. It’s been that way for a long time.

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Jim Bradshaw

Hogs and alligators didn’t mix well

As I poke around among stories and recollections of times gone by, I am continually reminded of how isolated much of south Louisiana was before highways began to connect us, and that our isolation lasted for a good deal longer than we might expect.
That especially applies to places like Cheniere au Tiger, which still has no road, and Pecan Island, which wasn’t connected with the rest of the world by even a shell road until the 1950s. That separation created situations we can hardly imagine today.

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Jim Bradshaw

Voodoo humbug brought in the year

As the new year began a half century ago in 1951 there was a big stir in the newspapers about a woman who lived “almost in the heart of Eunice” who was “in the power of a witch doctor.”
The story was first published on the front page of the Opelousas Daily World under the headline,”Voo-Doo Comes Alive In Heart of Eunice As Woman Turns To Mystic For Herb Cure.”



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