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Letter to the Editor regarding Superintendent, School Board

Dear Editor:

I have wanted to write a letter to the paper regarding the outright harassment and mistreatment of our VPSB Superintendent from SOME of our VPSB members for quite a while. Even though I have been warned several times to not get involved, I choose to ignore those warnings. I know firsthand how much it means in times like these to have real support. What the Puyau’s are going through is unfathomable. It’s time to put a stop to the relentless bedevilment. To support Mr. Puyau privately, but not publically, is not helping the matter; instead it is in a sense supporting the injustice that is taking place.
I know this letter will not diffuse the personal agendas of some on the board. Yes- personal agendas. If you don’t know the facts as to why this is happening to our Superintendent – find out from someone you respect and trust.
This letter is to hopefully reach the concerned people in our communities, parents, employees, city leaders, business owners etc. Please get involved! As quoted by Dr. MLK “To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.”
The list of contributors concerning the success of Vermilion Parish includes the hard work from ALL faculty and staff of our parish, the devoted Central Office staff, school administrators, teachers, and support staff, everyone INCLUDING the Superintendent. Instead of celebrating the numerous achievements, the VPSB publicity is usually negative.
So I am asking you to please call and email your board member, complain, voice your concern, get involved and see for yourself, attend the meetings. If you feel your board member is NOT representing you, then ask them to stop this drama and do their job they were elected to do or resign. Instead of putting our PROVEN leader on leave AGAIN – why don’t you ask (SOME) of the board members that continue to create issues and follow their own agenda to RESIGN from their position.
Lastly, I want to thank the board members that do speak and act on their own accord, supporting our Superintendent. You give us hope. Thank you for being a voice of reason when so much that happens at the Vermilion Parish Board meetings doesn’t make sense.
I also want to thank our Superintendent for showing class and grace in spite of the unimaginable injustice that he faces on a daily basis. You are a true leader and you continue to show by example what being a true leader is. You inspire me.

Honey LeDoux


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