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Steve Gardes

COVID-19 aid could cause long-term financial damage to Louisiana

New details have recently emerged in a new Foundation for Government Accountability Report (FGA), “Extra COVID-19 Medicaid Funds Come at a High Cost to States”, which indicate that Democrats in Washington are once again not letting a good crisis go to waste. Democrats are attempting to entrap states like Louisiana into COVID-19 aid and relief funds that have massive redistribution obligations buried in them. New COVID-19 legislation is being contemplated as we speak, and It is imperative that our U.S. Senators and Congressmen fix this problem now!

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Stephen Waguespack

20/20 Vision For 2020

Isn’t it ironic that 20/20 is how we describe perfect vision but the year 2020 has made everything look so cloudy and uncertain?
I mean, what happened to everything we thought to be true? 2020 has shredded all that to pieces.
What once was up is now all down.

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Jeff Crouere

Enough Already!

After several months of non-stop media hysteria, a growing number of Americans are finally getting sick and tired of hearing about the dangers of Covid-19 and reminded about the precautions they must make. It is getting nauseating for every news program and a growing number of commercials to obsess about the coronavirus.
Of course, Americans are concerned about the disease and want to be safe, but full safety can never be guaranteed. There will always be killer diseases that can impact Americans. This has been the case since our country was founded 244 years ago.



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