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Vermilion Parish School board member calls police on another school board member

The Abbeville Police were called to the central office after a Vermilion Parish School Board Meeting.
The police were called to the central office about 10 minutes after Thursday’s school board meeting had concluded.
The person who made the phone call to the police was school board member Sara Duplechain. She called the police at 6:28 p.m. and issued a complaint against school board member Anthony Fontana.
Duplechain issued a statement to the Meridional about what occurred.
“After Thursday nights meeting, I walked out of the Charles Campbell building to see Anthony going on and on about what just happened to Stacy Landry and a few others. I asked Anthony to please stop and enough already, it’s enough! He turned toward me and yelled to get out of his face. Calling me a liar and continued to yell at me, when he raised his arm, my husband yelled ‘don’t you dare.’ That’s when he turned toward my husband and got in his face and told him not to start with him because he would put him in jail. Chris Hebert pulled Anthony away and, Anthony left. I did call the Abbeville Police Department to make a formal complaint. No one deserves to be spoken to the way he continues to speak to not only me but to other board members. It is absolutely disgraceful, disgusting and inappropriate, he is not the boss of me and he will never speak to me in that tone of voice ever again.”
Three police officers arrived on the scene and began taking statements from witnesses, Duplchain and eventually Fontana, who had left the building.
The Abbeville Meridional was able to obtain a copy of Fontana’s statement that he gave to the police.
Fontana, in his statement, said he was talking to people outside when someone tapped him on his shoulder. He turned and saw it was Duplechain. In his report, he said, he turned and saw Duplechain near him.
“I told her, ‘get out of my face,’” Fontana said Friday. “I am not talking to you.”
He said he turned back around and she tapped him again, “I told you, I am not talking to you. Get out of my face.” He turned back around.
There was a third tapping. Fontana turned around and saw Duplechain’s husband, Dane, close to him.
He said, “‘quit talking to my wife like that.”
Fontana said he told Dane, “If you don’t get out of my face, you will spend a night in jail.”
He wrote in his report that it looked like Dane wanted to fight him.
“He moved closer. I knew if I did not leave there would be physical contact. I walked off,” he wrote in his statement.
Fontana told everyone he had enough and left central office and went to his office. It was there, he received a phone call letting him know the police were at central office looking for him. An officer was then sent to his office, where they got a statement.
No chargers were filed by the Abbeville Police Department.


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