Police Jury releases new debris pickup schedule

The Vermilion Parish Police Jury is ready to release its new debris pickup schedule for the parish.
For the last few months, the police jury grab trucks have been experimenting with a new debris pickup schedule. Now, the police jury is ready to release the schedule to the public, as well as, educate the public on what type of debris can be put alongside the road.
“By parish residents knowing the police jury’s schedule, it will let them know when they can put out their debris,” explained police juror Errol Domingues. “If you have debris and the police jury will not be in your zone until the end of the month, then you wait and put it along the road at the end of the month. There is no guessing as to when your debris will be picked up.”
Since the beginning of time, each district had its grab trucks that would rotate throughout the month. No longer. Now, the police jury will send all of its grab trucks to one of three newly created zones and blanket the zone in debris pickup.
The police jury is expected to mail an 8x10 paper to every resident in the parish explaining the new zone pick up schedule.
At the beginning of each month, the police jury’s grab trucks will be in Zone 1 for 10 days. Zone 1 is comprised of Districts 1, 2, 10,12 and 14.
District 1 and 2 are in the North Vermilion area, while Districts 10 and 12 are in Kaplan. District 14 is Gueydan and the surrounding Gueydan area.
Zone 2 consist of Districts 5, 9A (west of the Vermilion River), 11 and 13. The police jury will meet in Zone 2 from 11th to the 20th of each month. This zone is most of Abbeville and north of Abbeville.
The third zone is Zone 3, which will be from 21st until the end of the month.
Zone 3 will consist of the south part of Abbeville, in police juror’s Ron Darby’s district, then north and south of Abbeville and Erath. It will also include of all of Erath, Delcambre and south of both towns.
South of Abbeville, the Vermilion River will determine which zone you are in.
If you live on the west side of the Vermilion River south of Abbeville, then the debris pickup will be in Zone 2. If you live on the east side of the Vermilion River (Boston, Henry area), then you are in Zone 3.
Police Juror Wayne Touchet explained that the districts in each zone are not final.
“We are still ironing out the pickup schedule,” said Touchet.

What can be put along the road?

The Police Jury is trying to educate the public on what type of debris should and should not be placed alongside the road.
The police jury is expected to mail out an 8x10 paper to every resident in the parish educating them on the items to put debris along the road.

What type of roadside debris should be placed alongside the road?

Roadside debris should be separated into three categories.
• Construction and demolition debris (lumber, wood, brick, plumbing, plaster, and sheetrock).
• Yard waste (small branches, plant shrubs, and logs no longer than six feet long and 18 inches in diameter).
• The police jury is also able to pick up furniture, mattresses, vacuum cleaners, carpet, plastic items, and electronics).
What the police jury will not pick up are paint, aerosols, acids, roofing shingles, batteries, used antifreeze and oil.
The police jury will accept these items at the landfill, but it will not pick it up alongside the road: waste tires, white goods, large trees, demolished homes, and large appliance boxes.
• The police jury wants residents to place household items in their 96-gallon trash-can instead of putting alongside the road.
• Items such as toys, food waste, clothes, curtains/blind, pots, small appliances and bagged leaves should go in the trash can, the police jury wants.
The landfill, located north of Abbeville, is open six days a week. Monday through Friday ( 7 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.) and on Saturday from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.
For questions, you can call the solid waste department at 898-4338.

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