Jeff Crouere

Democrats in Disarray

During the eight years Barack Obama served as President of the United States, the Democratic Party was united. He was the coalescing force that held the party together. By bringing in Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State at the start of his administration, Obama healed the wounds from the bruising 2008 presidential race. During his re-election campaign of 2012, Obama was not challenged for the Democratic presidential nomination and he won another term as President.

Stephen Waguespack

Happy (In)dependence Day

July 4th is always the time of year for red-blooded, patriotic Americans to fire up the grill, throw the kids around in the pool, wave a few flags and shoot off some fireworks… all in the name of celebrating the fact that we live in the greatest nation the world has ever seen.
Yes, without question, America is the greatest nation. There are no asterisks on that statement. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Jeff Crouere

Jimmy Carter afflicted with Russian Fever

At the Democratic Party presidential debates, several of the candidates mentioned Russia as our country’s greatest threat, citing their attempts to influence the result of the 2016 presidential election. This obsession with Russia has infected the entire Democratic Party, including their elder statesman, former President Jimmy Carter.
Ironically, when Carter served as the nation’s 39th President, Jimmy Carter was a disaster on both domestic issues and foreign policy. He left the economy in shambles and our military in disarray.


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